A Photographic Journey of Alaska- Part 2 The Road to Denali

We left Anchorage for our journey north along the Denali Highway towards Denali National Park. A journey for a photographer always involves regular impromptu stops. What should be a four-hour journey took an entire day as we explored tracks that led into the forest and marvelled at the spectacular scenery around every bend.

On one such turn off the highway, we entered a clearing and ignored the occasional sound of gunfire as we searched for wildlife. Our visit to Alaska coincided with the hunting season and Moose were the target for a group of hunters that we ran into.

The Hunter

The Hunter (with a flat tyre!)

Our turn off the highway was rewarded with a majestic Bald Eagle that patiently sat in the tree whilst our shutters worked overtime. After a while, the Bald Eagle took flight and cameras that had been aimed, where panned to capture this great bird in flight.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

On the way to Denali is the small historic town of Talkeetna, which during the summer is a popular tourist spot for salmon fishing, rafting and hiking. It’s a quaint little town that has a number of art and craft stores as well as a couple of souvenir stores for the tourists, the coffee was great too!


Talkeetna, Alaska

Talkeetna, Alaska

Talkeetna, Alaska

Leaving Talkeetna we continued on to Denali and along the way stopped to take photos of the vivid fall colours, rivers and mountains. I never thought Alaska would be full of so much colour.

The Road to Denali

The Road to Denali

Our stop for the next few nights were the Denali Cabins which are located 8 miles south of the National Park. Our very cosy cedar cabins provided warmth from the cold, crisp air and after a long day it was just the place to rest up before exploring the park.


  1. Veronica Hurst says:

    Wow Scott. Loving your journey.

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  2. Thanks Veronica, Alaska is an amazing place to visit.


  3. Dina says:

    Fantastic shots! Oh, I’d like to visit one day …


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