A Photographic Journey of Alaska: Part 5 Valdez

Valdez is a fishing port set amongst towering mountains and glaciers. Valdez is also major port for freight destined for the Alaskan interior. With a population of just under 4,000, its renowned for its commercial and recreation fishing, and for photographers, it’s an amazing place to visit.

Valdez Harbour

Valdez Harbour

After a quick walk around town and a chat to some local fisherman it was time for a snack at the Roadside Potatohead café. A visit to the café is a must. But make sure you pick your time right; the owner only opens the café from May through to September.

The Roadside Potatohead, Valdez

The Roadside Potatohead

Just outside of Valdez is Glacier Lake, the terminus for the Valdez Glacier. Glacier Lake is full of huge pieces of ice that have broken away from the Glacier, the lake makes for some great photography.

Glacier Lake, Valdez

Glacier Lake, Valdez

Also outside of Valdez, is an area known as Keystone Canyon. It would have to be one of the most gorgeous drives I’ve ever taken. The road follows the Lowe river as it weaves it way around the canyon. The canyon is also home to numerous falls including the Horsetail and Bridal Veil falls which provided a great opportunity to get out the ND filter and practice some long exposure shots.

Bridal Vail Falls, Valdez

Bridal Vail Falls, Valdez

Some locals had mentioned that we should check out the Salmon Hatchery as it was a good spot to find Bears and Bald Eagles. Whilst the bears were nowhere to be seen that day, we were treated to a feeding frenzy as massive Sea Lions effortlessly snatched up the Salmon as the fish made their way into the hatchery.

Sea Lions

Sea Lions with their catch

Sea Lions, Valdez

Sea Lions with their catch

Later that afternoon a pair of hungry Bald Eagles appeared. It was amazing to watch and photograph these birds. They sat high in the trees and looked intensely back towards the water; their massive wing span would open as they launched themselves from the trees, gliding down to the water to snatch a fish with their huge talons.

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  1. Veronica hurst says:

    Scott this is amazing. I’m so enjoying your journey. I have a sore foot otherwise I would be there!!!


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