Autumn colour of Gostwyck Chapel

Just a few km’s outside of Uralla would have to be one of the most photographed chapels in the New England region. Set amongst a magnificent avenue of Elm trees is Gostwyck Chapel.

Scott Bray_

Autumn colour of Gostwyck Chapel

The Chapel was built on Gostwyck Station in 1921 in memory of Major Clive Dangar who fought in World War 1 and died of wounds he’d received during a battle in the Middle East. Major Dangar’s wife carefully chose the location of the chapel.

The bricks were made and fired on the property and the stain glass windows are in memory to various members of the Dangar family. The chapel is protected from flooding by a stone wall that surrounds the building. But it’s during autumn that the real beauty of Gostwyck is on display, as the virginia creeper that covers the chapel turns a brilliant red and photographers from all over come to shoot the amazing autumn colour.

Scott Bray_-4

Gostwyck Chapel

Scott Bray_-6

Sunrise at Gostwyck Chapel

Scott Bray_-3

Virginia Creeper

At sunrise, you’ll find a number of photographers braving the cold waiting for first light to hit the chapel’s southern and eastern walls which on our visit had the most colour. During autumn there’s a high chance of fog, but the fog also provides for some amazing light, natures own soft box gently diffusing the morning light.

Scott Bray_-5

Autumn light

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  1. paul g says:

    Good on you Scotty!

    It’s impressive, the photos are truly wonderful.

    It’s so cool to see it up there in a real honest to goodness blog! 😃





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